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76240 Lego DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler

Features one of cinema’s most iconic cars, a captivating LEGO brick model created with adults in mind - LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler
The impressive Batman model car captures the iconic style of the battle-ready, crime-fighting machine from The Dark Knight Trilogy films
This collectible display model provides stress-relieving escapism as 2,049 LEGO bricks slowly transform into the spectacular Tumbler
If you’re an adult Batman fan or replica models enthusiast, this buildable car is the perfect build-and-display project for you
Includes classic movie characters, iconic LEGO minifigures Batman and The Joker, that will become a collectible piece of Batman memorabilia
Displayed on a sturdy base, this recreation of one of cinema’s most memorable cars is sure to attract admiring comments
LEGO sets for adults are designed to deliver satisfying, immersive building projects that are wonderful birthday or Christmas LEGO Batman gifts

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