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10293 Lego Santa's Visit

Features a LEGO Christmas house model with a toy Christmas tree and several mini builds for kids to enjoy, plus lots of details to discover
The cute home features favorite traditions with a fireplace, stocking, milk and cookies, plus a large chimney for Santa to drop through
There are gifts hidden around the house, and the rear roof moves outwards, giving further access to the upper floor bedroom
This LEGO set for adults includes 4 minifigures with Dad, mom, girl and Santa to recreate endless cozy family Christmas Eve scenes
Add some festive glow to the scene - the toy Christmas tree features a light brick (battery included) that lights up when you press the top
Bring the family together to enjoy a rewarding festive build, assembling all the details of a perfect night before Christmas
This beautiful ornament makes a great Christmas gift or occasional present for teens and adults waiting for the festive season

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